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We are a tight-knit editorial and writing team, passionate about great books and the authors who write them. We also love writing a thing or two to help you promote your books, your brand or your business.

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Michelle started her editing career as a proofreader for the Associated Press and moved into book publishing for Llewellyn Worldwide Inc. where she worked on mystery novels, Young Adult fiction, paranormal love stories and calendars/almanacs.

For much of of her career, she’s written and edited high-profile executive stories, scripts, blog posts and other content for Fortune 500 companies, including for VIPs in the Fortune Top 10, but her passion is in editing mystery novels, especially cozy and historical. Reach out to her directly michellekruegerwolfe at gmail.com or through the Reedsy marketplace.

LISA SCHWIMMER MARIER, senior editor and writer

Lisa has lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for over 30 years, with stints in London and New Jersey. She has worked for Simon & Shuster, McGraw Hill, and other publishers in the U.S.  Lisa specializes in YA novels, Children’s fiction and nonfiction, short stories, and young and old mysteries.  She loves to read all kinds of works and is open to other genres as well.

Lisa is an author herself, so she knows the worth of a good editor—whether copyediting, proofreading, or helping to develop materials. She is a quality editor with many years of experience.

SIERRA KRUEGER-WOLFE, editorial assistant and proofreader

Taught to red-line her first-grade short stories, Sierra is still passionate about the craft of storytelling and advising on the the voice of authentic young adults from diverse points of view.